For any profession, what forms the basis of one’s entry, sustenance and growth are the relevant skills related to that field of work. So is the case of the IT industry. It requires a set of skills that can be termed as the “hard skills”. This essentially means imbibing all the technical knowledge related to computers and telecommunication lines. With many a types of Professionals required in the IT industry, as a career option, some of them being:

  1. Software Developer: These are professionals who are responsible for creating and writing programming codes for the computer application and the hardware. This covers a gamut of functions like the usage of the Operating System, the business productivity software development (in accordance to the client’s needs), the various Web functionality tools, developing video games (your kids are how spoilt they are, you know now!), and the usage of the device drivers. The Software Developers undertake the functions of the very concept of a program, which includes the detailing, designing and finally developing to testing and then the implementation of them.
  2. Network engineer: As Engineering has been mentioned as classically a “safe option of profession”; the Network engineering is but a sub-section of them. Now as a typical function of any engineers, these professional are expected to be directly involved in the design and the implementation of the computer and telecommunications network. This is a highly technical job and requires extensive knowledge of the related subject.
  3. Administrators: The Administrators typically are supposed to support the work of the network engineers. They are expected to maintain the local area network, the LAN, or the wide area network, or the WAN to give apt ‘oxygen’ to the network engineers accomplish their job. This gamut of work includes both the internet and the intranet part of the process- of the server maintenance essentially. This would naturally include a certain degree of troubleshooting and even some system design remodeling in its girth. As hackers or the network and information thieves to be very basic, are a big nuisance these days, the network administrators ensure all necessary steps to be taken for any data pilferage of the organization information database.
  4. Computer Scientists: These are, simply putting forth, the authority on computers and telecommunications- as expected by a typical Ph.D. holder in any other subject. So, pretty much they are expected to come up with innovative ideas to solve the existing problems and even proactively develop a service that could be undertaken as a business prospect by the organization. This includes the conceptualizing, designing and developing of new hardwares and devices. This too is a very specialized branch, as when one talks of the subject chemistry, it has innumerable divisions to it, so has the specialized field of the computer scientist. Thus, it a team of Computer scientist that eventually come up with a wholesome product of any worth, as one could master in one part like the motherboard, and the other on modems or routers etc.

As is clear from the above mentioned information, that there is no dearth of options in the IT industry, so now is the time to take a plunge into the right education course.